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Front Street Pub


Front Street Pub

Front Street Pub required a new website in early 2023 as part of a digital design update. This refresh encompassed new logo assets, an updated color palette, and complete brand guidelines.

Key Objectives in Redesigning

Enticing Visuals: A mouthwatering experience awaits visitors, as the website entices them with large and vibrant food photos, stimulating appetites and cravings.

Emphasizing Local Ingredients: The Front Street Pub takes pride in its locally sourced ingredients, and our design emphasizes fresh seafood, Maine-raised beef, and local beer on tap, reflecting the essence of the pub's culinary delights.

Food Menu - The Call to Action: Understanding user priorities, the food menu takes center stage, conveniently accessible to cater to the predominant interest of visitors.

Easy Communication: Seamlessly connecting with The Front Street Pub is made effortless, allowing users to get in touch easily to ask questions and engage in meaningful interactions.

Showcasing Belfast and Surroundings: As a cherished summer destination, proudly showcases Belfast and its surrounding areas, beckoning tourists to explore the city's charming allure.

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